Label: Your professional reputation

  • The Golden Key that opens doors.

    An attractive reputation is the golden key that opens doors to exciting people, customers and companies that you want to learn from, do business with or be hired by. Successful companies and interesting assignments will not be filled by people sending in their CVs. They will be filled with people with an exciting reputation [...]

  • The Most Important Skill 2023

    All indications are that the most important skills in 2023 are the success factors that translate your expertise into successful action. The Carnegie Institute of Technology surveyed what created success among technical consultants and found that 85% were about the factors that translate expertise into successful action. The same figures have been presented in the report from Google, LinkedIn [...]

  • There Is Nothing More Powerful

    For me, adding maximum value to my customers is always crucial. The report I make to my clients on their reputation should be the most important document in their professional life. It's a powerful commitment, of course, but it's also what makes my work so incredibly interesting. The Reputation Mastery concept turns [...]

  • Seth Godin and Reputation Mastery.

    Seth Godin is arguably one of the most important resources of our time for entrepreneurs, consultants, managers and employees striving for success, and he has some 20 bestselling books to his credit. He is also by far the best person to describe the critical importance of our professional reputation, and he does so in three points: 1. Your reputation has [...]

  • Work in Tuscany.

    Morning in Tuscany and I wonder if you can have a better and more creative workplace. For the 20th autumn in a row I work from here and here I can really give my clients my very best. It's been 10 years now that I was fascinated by the endless possibilities that the knowledge of our professional reputation brings [...]

  • Do we need more theories and models?

    We don't really need more theories and models, we need to look within ourselves, see and exploit our strengths and deal with the bugs that can stand in the way of our success. Often these are things we have a very vague idea of or are not even aware of. Our professional environment sees this very [...]