Cut The Crap

It's a privilege to bounce ideas off creative and brilliant entrepreneurs like Magdalena Bibik and Kikki Högberg. I've been wrestling with the title of my new book and the other day I met Kikki who designed my last two books. She immediately caught three words in the prologue - 'Cut the Crap' and added 'Let's Talk About Reputation'

The book has a tender and perhaps somewhat provocative title. We need to take a new approach to our professional lives and question a lot of the management myths that have ruled us and continue to rule us. At the same time, there is nothing more powerful than our reputation - everything in our professional lives revolves around it. Paradoxically, it is our least exploited asset.

The book will be published as a free e-book at the end of August and for 6 months, as I want to spread the message. Then it will be uploaded to iBooks and also printed.