Bugs as a success factor

Talking about strengths and weaknesses only polarizes our skills and does it really add anything? Is it time to make bugs a success factor?

Four years ago, I removed the term weaknesses from my vocabulary and replaced it with bugs. When you release something new, it's always in a beta version and of course there are bugs. Then you gradually update it with something excellent as a goal. It's exactly the same for you and me. When we move forward and do something new, there are bugs that are natural and can be updated in different ways.

If I see in my analysis that there are no bugs at all, then I get a bit worried. Do we not dare to act in new ways, to embrace the new? Today, I consider bugs to be natural and part of success.

But how do I see the concept of strengths? For me, they are so much more than we normally put into the term, which is why I prefer to call them success factors. They cover everything from the perceived level of your expertise to the soft skills that generate 85% of the results.

If you want to know both your bugs and success factors, the knowledge of your reputation is the exclusive thing that makes you unique.